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Disaronno Etro Gift Set

700 ml, 28%

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This limited edition Disaronno Etro gift box consists of Disaronno Originale 700ml and two beautiful crystal glasses.


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Gratis twee prachtige kristallen glazen.

Disaronno Etro Gift Set Information

Disaronno is a famous brand of amaretto made in Italy. It has a rich aroma and bittersweet taste which the company claims to be made from "apricot kernel oil" with "absolute alcohol, burnt sugar, and the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits" based on 500 years old secret recipe.

Disaronno tastes perfect on the rocks and is also a great to make a variety of cocktail mixes. You can also try it with your favourite fruit juice (such as orange or cranberry) or with cola.

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