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Evan Williams Black

1 L, 43%

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Evan Williams Black is the second most popular Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey in the world. It has a rich and smooth taste, perfect to drink neat, on the rocks or with cola or fresh lime soda.



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Evan Williams Black Information

Evan Williams Black is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey, named after Evan Williams who founded the distillery in 1783. Evan Williams Black is distilled by Heaven Hill distillery using the same time-recorded tradition of distillation, devised by the founder himself, to achieve rich and smooth finish full of character. The taste has notes of oak, brown sugar and caramel with hints of deep vanilla and mint.

Evan Williams Black is 86 proof (US) and is aged for a minimum of four years, more than required by law.



60ml Evan Williams Bourbon

Ginger ale

Club soda

Lemon wedge


45ml Evan Williams Bourbon

45ml orange juice

45ml pineapple juice

15ml cranberry juice

Orange slice or cherry

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