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Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Gift Set

700 ml, 40%

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Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is the most popular Tennessee Whiskey having corn as the major ingredient. The whiskey is matured in handcrafted charred oak barrels, has a well-balanced taste of fruits, vanilla and caramel with a hint of oak and a sweet finish.


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Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Gift Set with 2 beautiful glasses.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Gift Set Information

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, also known as Black Label, is a world famous Tennessee Whiskey. Also known as Black Label, it is the top-selling whiskey of the brand Jack Daniel’s. The Old No. 7 has a unique manufacturing process devised by the founder - Jack Daniel, which includes the use of cave spring water, around 80% corn, and 20% rye and barley along with yeast to create the mash that is distilled in copper stills. The alcohol is then mellowed using the Lincoln County Process wherein the spirit is filtered through 10 feet of hard maple charcoal drop by drop to remove impurities and the taste of corn.

The filtered spirit is then added to the newly charred white oak barrels which imparts color, flavor and a distinct character. There is no age statement as the whiskey is considered to be ready when the master distiller confirms by manually tasting the alcohol from each barrel. The whiskey is then bottled in its iconic square-shaped bottles at 80 Proof (US) 40% ABV.

This Jack Daniel’s whiskey has a well-balanced character, has an aroma of sweet vanilla and caramel with hints of oak. On the palate, it is quite smooth and soft with sweet, oaky finish. Overall, this whiskey is a great mixer. Here are some cocktail suggestions for you.


45ml Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

90ml Ginger Ale

Fresh Mint

Ice cubes


40ml Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

120ml Coke


1 part Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

Spoonful of honey

Cinnamon stick

A good squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Top it with boiling water

About Jack Daniel's

Founded by Jack Daniel in 1866, the Jack Daniel’s Distillery is one of the oldest registered distillery in the USA which is famous for its legendary Tennessee Whiskey brand - Jack Daniel’s. Headquartered in Lynchburg, Tennessee, the distillery produces its whisky in Moore county which is a dry county, meaning that the sale of alcoholic beverages is forbidden under the law. However, it is legal to distill the product within the county and sell outside the county.

Though Jack Daniel’s whiskey is often referred to as a Bourbon Whiskey, however, the Jack Daniel’s refuses to use that classification and instead markets it as Tennessee Whiskey. According to the State law of Tennessee, in order to label a whiskey as a “Tennessee Whiskey”, there are a few stringent standards as listed below: - The whiskey must be produced in Tennessee.

- The whiskey must be made from at least 51% corn.

- The whiskey must be distilled at 160 Proof or less ABV.

- The whiskey must be matured in new charred oak barrels.

- The whiskey must be filtered using the Lincoln County Process, wherein the whiskey is filtered through a thick layer of maple charcoal before it is put into new charred oak barrels for aging.

- The whiskey must enter the barrel at no more than 125 Proof ABV.

- The whiskey must not contain any artificial color or flavor.

The reason why Jack Daniel’s whisky does not classifies itself as a Bourbon whiskey because it mellows its whiskey through 10 feet of hard maple charcoal (following the Lincoln County Process) which imparts a distinct flavor for which Jack Daniel’s is famous for, and this extra step makes it as an authentic Tennessee Whiskey.

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