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Label 5 Classic Black

1 L, 40%

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Label 5 is a blended Scotch whisky having a soft and smooth taste with notes of fruits and peat, long and smooth finish with a hint of smoky wood.


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Label 5 Classic Black Information

Label 5 Classic Black is a Blended Scotch Whisky which is made from a selection of the best grain and malt whiskies including the Glen Moray Single Malt and other Speyside malts.

The production of Label 5 Whisky involves 5 stages wherein each step adds a special character to this whisky. The first stage is called Malting wherein, the barley is soaked in water for a day and then dried in a kiln. Second stage involves crushing of the dried barley which is then mixed in water to extract a sugary liquid called "sweet wort". The third step involves fermenting of "sweet wort" with yeast to convert sugar in alcohol. In step 4, the alcohol liquid is distilled to separate the alcohol from water. The last stage involves maturation of the final spirit in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years to allow the alcohol to interact with wood to develop its distinctive taste and aroma.

For making a perfectly balanced blended Scotch whisky, the Master Blender carefully combines both Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies in varying proportions and ages from different distilleries to make a special whisky which is smooth whisky full of flavors.

Cocktail Suggestions

5 SENSES Cocktail

4cl Label 5 Whisky

4cl Cranberry juice

4cl Lemonade Ginger and slices of lime


5cl Label 5 Classic Whisky

3cl Fresh lime

6 Basil leaves

1 Spoon of honey


5cl Label 5 Whisky

1cl Cane sugar syrup

2cl Lime juice Soda water

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