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Flirt Orange Vodka

1 L, 37.5%

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Flirt Orange Vodka has a delightful mild aroma and taste of sweet oranges, perfect for vodka mixes and cocktails.


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Flirt Orange Vodka Information

Flirt Vodka is a popular Bulgarian Vodka which is made from high quality ingredients to give an ultimate vodka experience. The citric sweetness of oranges gives Flirt Orange Vodka its perfect orange flavor and a delightful mild aroma, making it perfect for cocktails or mixing it with your favorite drink.

Flirt Vodka is produced from clean water and selected wheat which passes through several stages of fermentation and distillation to give it a soft and smooth character. The production process includes 6 stages:

Milling – The best grains are selected for milling process.

Hot Water & Enzymes – Hot water & enzymes are added to the milled grains to convert carbohydrates into simple sugars.

Fermentation – This is a time consuming process to convert sugars into pure alcohol.

Distillation – This is an iterative process which removes impurities from the pure alcohol.

Blending – The pure alcohol is blended with pure water to maintain the optimal alcohol level of 37.5%. The flavors are then added to make different variants of Flirt Vodka.

Bottling – The final product is bottled into Flirt’s unique bottle.

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