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Grey Goose Vodka

1 L, 40%

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Grey Goose Vodka is one of the fastest growing and the most popular super premium vodka brand in the world. This premium vodka is made from the finest French wheat - the same wheat used in the finest French breads and pastries. Grey Goose is distilled five times and thus acquires its soft, delicate flavor.


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Grey Goose Vodka Information

Grey Goose Vodka was created in 1996 by Sidney Frank with an idea to develop a luxury vodka for the American marketplace. After its launch in the American market in 1997, Grey Goose became very popular and was named the best tasting vodka in the world by the Beverage Testing Institute in 1998.

This is the first French Vodka to become the best-selling premium brand vodka in the world. Only the very finest ingredients to give Grey Goose vodka a signature smoothness and distinct character with highest quality. Each drop of Grey Goose is made from the soft winter wheat grown in Picardy, France and the water used to produce the vodka comes from natural springs in France filtered through Champagne limestone.

After the wheat grain is fermented and distilled into a high-proof spirit, it is blended with the natural spring water. After the fermentation process, the bread-wine is then distilled into spirit using a five step process. The vodka is also filtered through a copper filtration system in order to impart additional flavours. That water is then filtered to remove impurities.

Tasting Notes

Nose:  Clear, fresh with an elegant floral aroma accented by a subtle citrus note.

Palate:  Initially soft with a gentle sweetness that gradually envelops the mouth—smooth and rounded texture with a hint of almond.

Finish:  Fresh and bright throughout with a long, satisfying finish.

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