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Pravda Vodka

700 ml, 40%

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Pravda Vodka is a fine Polish vodka having a smooth “mellow” taste prepared using a unique five-step distillation process.



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Pravda Vodka Information

Pravda Vodka is a finest vodka produced in the region of Southern Poland. It is made in small batches under the strict guidance of the sixth generation master distiller.

The secret of Pravda Vodka is its unique five-step distillation process of sweet, late-harvest rye from the nearby Wielkopolska fields and water from the Carpathian Mountains. The special charcoal is used to remove any impurities in the mixture of the spirits and the water. The combined water, spirits, and charcoal are cold stabilized and then passed through ultra-technical filters under high pressure. This gives a purification of a vodka that is unique and special.

Every bottle of Pravda is held for six months after production before it is released. At the end of the six months, it is tasted by nine tasters. They go through a tasting process for nose, aroma, etc., to make sure it tastes the same. If any one of the tasters does not feel that the quality is totally smooth, pure, lacking in harshness, it is not sold in the market. It is dumped and destroyed.

Pravda Vodka was selected as the Best Luxury Vodka in 2004 from the experts of the World Beverage Championships in San Francisco.

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