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Puschkin Vodka

1 L, 37.5%

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Pushkin Vodka has a classic, smooth taste that comes from the finest natural ingredients and the purest spring water.



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Puschkin Vodka Information

Puschkin Vodka is a famous vodka from Germany which is being distilled with unchanged recipe since 1929. Pushkin is distilled three times and filtered several times. The last filtering is done by means of ijsfiltratie. This technique is based on an Old Russian tradition where a wooden barrel filled with vodka at night outside was placed in the freezing cold. Impurities in the vodka are deposited by the cold against the walls of the vessel, so that the next day the pure vodka could be drained.

The ijsfiltratie process applied by Pushkin is the modern variant of the above method. It is a costly and time-consuming process in which one places the vodka distillate to such a low temperature that even freeze the smallest impurities against the wall of the ice-cold filtration tanks. These impurities are then filtered from the distillate resulting in a pure and pure vodka.

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