Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Edition

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Alcoholpercentage: 40%
Inhoud: 700 ml
Merk: Absolut
Prijsklasse: €10 tot €25
Smaak: Geen Smaak


Absolut Vodka is a Swedish vodka established in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith and is produced near Åhus, in southern Sweden. It was introduced to the global market in 1979 and eventually it became the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff, and is sold in more than 126 countries.

This Swedish vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients, primarily from water and winter wheat, and it doesn’t contain any added sugar. Instead of the usual three or four times, this vodka is distilled an infinite number of times, giving it a rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit.

Winter wheat differs from other crops: it is sown in fall, and harvested in the next fall. Between these days, it grows under the Swedish snow developing its hard grain, perfect for its distinctive taste. Over one kilogram of grain is used in every one-liter bottle.

Absolut Vodka blends well with other aromas, thereby enhancing the taste of your favorite vodka cocktail.

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