Malecon Reserva Superior 15 Year Old 700ml


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Alcoholpercentage: 40%
Inhoud: 700 ml
Merk: Malecon
Prijsklasse: €25 tot €50


Malecon Reserva Superior 15 years old is a premium molasses rum with an intense amber color produced in Panama. Rum Malecon is produced according to the old traditional Cuban method and ensures an exceptional variety of flavors and impressions. The delicious flavor profile was guided by up to 15 years of aging in oak barrels. The result is a light rum with a dry Cuban character, in which you can see notes of oak, nuts, honeyed notes of ripe fruit and spicy fresh ginger.

Color: amber, deep
Aroma: intense, oak, walnuts, dried mango, honey
Taste: woody oak, nutmeg, ripe fruit
Finish: long, buttery caramel, demerara sugar, a light touch of ginger

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